Platformer -

Mario Adventure 2022

The game is a modification of Super Mario Bros 3, released in 2004, with the latest update in 2022. The author of the hack has put in a lot of effort, you will find new music, enemies, new power-ups and much more here. A boss fight awaits us at every level. And the best part? You have an infinite number of lives!

Mario Runner

A variation on the theme of Lode Runner. We have to collect coins and not get eaten by the ‘murderous’ turtles that everyone probably knows.

New Super Mario Bros. DS

New Super Mario Bros. is a pocket edition for the portable Nintendo DS console. We will guide the adventures of Mario and Luigi, who must save Princess Peach from the sinister Bowser. The game has many new mechanics like changing into a giant or shrinking.

Super Mario Bros. 4

The game is a fan-made remake of Armadillo from NES. The creator has good childhood memories of both Armadillo and Super Mario Bros, so for entertainment, he decided to combine both games :) We invite you to familiarize yourself with this interesting title.