2021 - PlayMario.cc

Mario Forever: SMW Edition 2021

Remake of the fan game Mario Forever released in 2004 by Buziol Games. The game is based on the Mario Forever 4.0 version. It includes all 12 worlds from oryginal and one new secret one.

New Super Mario World 2021

New Super Mario World on SNES has new redesigned graphics inspired by New Super Mario on Nintendo DS, new music tracks, a new world map, and some new levels. Minor changes have been made to the game physics and SA-1 has been added to increase game fluidity. It’s worth checking out!

Super Mario Flash 2: SMW Remake 2021

This is a remake of the game Super Mario Flash 2 released by Pouetpu in 2011. The game was tried to be transferred as faithfully as possible, with a few changes and some bonus content added. The graphics, sound, and controls have been slightly improved.