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Mario Adventure 2022

The game is a modification of Super Mario Bros 3, released in 2004, with the latest update in 2022. The author of the hack has put in a lot of effort, you will find new music, enemies, new power-ups and much more here. A boss fight awaits us at every level. And the best part? You have an infinite number of lives!

New Super Mario World 2 - Around the World

New Super Mario World 2 - Around the World is a sequel to the game New Super Mario World: The 12 Magic Orbs. The game features 16 worlds, over 90 unique levels full of challenges and secrets. It’s one of the best and most beautiful hacks of Super Mario World.

New Super Mario World 2021

New Super Mario World on SNES has new redesigned graphics inspired by New Super Mario on Nintendo DS, new music tracks, a new world map, and some new levels. Minor changes have been made to the game physics and SA-1 has been added to increase game fluidity. It’s worth checking out!

Super Mario Bros. 4

The game is a fan-made remake of Armadillo from NES. The creator has good childhood memories of both Armadillo and Super Mario Bros, so for entertainment, he decided to combine both games :) We invite you to familiarize yourself with this interesting title.

Super Mario Land DX

The game Super Mario Land DX is a colored version of Super Mario Land from Gameboy with minor graphic changes and improvements to make the game more modern.