Super Mario Bros 2

Super Mario Bros 2 Online

Basic Information

  • Release Date: 1988
  • Genre: Platformer
  • Number of Players: 1-2
  • Publisher: Nintendo


Super Mario Bros 2 is the legendary edition of the popular Nintendo platformer game series. It was released in 1988 and brought a new adventure for Mario and his friends.


In Super Mario Bros 2, players can choose from four characters to embark on adventures in the magical land of Subcon. Here's a brief description of each character:

  • Mario: The classic hero, balanced in all abilities.
  • Luigi: Mario's brother, can jump higher and longer than the others.
  • Peach: Princess Peach, can grab onto bars and temporarily float in the air.
  • Toad: Brave Toad, the fastest member of the team.

Each character has unique abilities that can help players overcome obstacles and complete levels. Additionally, players can collect various items such as mushrooms, fire flowers, and coins to gain points and additional power. The game also allows players to discover secret levels and hidden passages, adding an element of exploration and mystery.

Super Mario Bros 2 offers not only traditional platforming elements such as jumping and avoiding obstacles but also unique mechanics like digging up vegetables and throwing them at enemies. This provides diversity and originality in gameplay.

Are you ready to join Mario and his friends on their journey through the land of Subcon, defeating enemies, and saving the world? Jump on platforms, collect items, and experience unforgettable adventures in Super Mario Bros 2!

Gameplay Video of Super Mario Bros 2